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By using Elokuu - detergents you reduce the negative influence synthetic tenside, zeolit, perfume, preservatives and surfactants have on the environment, as our products do not consist of any of them. .

Thus by choosing Elokuu - detergents and purifiers you can prevent water systems from being overfed, algae formations, oxygen death in lakes and sea, and changes in the fish base

The series is ecological all the way.

The production and the raw materials are all nature friendly. The production process uses scarcely energy and the remnant breaks down in nature without pollution. Our products are long-lasting concentrates - a small dose is sufficient. The products do not consist of any detrimental substances and have not been tested on animals. The products are especially suitable for allergic persons. The packages can easily be regained, burned or refilled.

The end product breaks up in nature within a few days

Our products can be bought in shops selling natural products, ecological products, and products from developing countries.